EHE Exam Q&A (13)

What if I've already had a yearly physical with my primary care physician? Can I still have my EHE exam?

It depends on the structure of your company’s health care coverage. We recommend that you visit EHE before a yearly physical with your primary care physician, because EHE provides the most comprehensive preventive care anywhere. We can then refer you for an additional checkup.

How is this different than getting a physical?

EHE offers full-scale personalized prevention. Your clinical experience gives you deeper insight into every aspect of your health and the resources to achieve your goals.

A typical physical offers a fraction of the screenings, neglects inputs like the behavioral determinants of your well-being, and limits both the evaluation and treatment. At EHE, the examination is just one part of your holistic, solution-focused preventive program.

Do I need to fast?

You only need to fast if you are over 65 years old and scheduled for an abdominal aorta ultrasound. If so, please don’t eat, drink, consume caffeine, or smoke for at least four hours prior to your appointment. Feel free to drink water as needed and you should continue to take any prescribed medications.

If you are scheduled for a stress test, please avoid caffeine before your appointment. If you are diabetic, you should check with your prescribing physician to make sure it’s safe to take medications on an empty stomach.

What do I need to wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing. Some EHE locations offer medical scrubs for you to wear. If you’re scheduled for a stress test, we recommend that you bring athletic shoes. Women are advised to wear a sports bra, as underwire bras and tank tops are not recommended for the stress test.

If you are scheduled for a mammogram, do not apply cream, lotion, talcum powder, or deodorant on your upper body the day of your visit.

When should I show up for my EHE exam?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your appointment. Arriving late can cause delays.

How are my records handled?

You and your EHE physician discuss most of your exam results on the day of your visit. All of your results will be available for viewing through the MyEHE patient portal within one to two weeks. We will call you immediately with results that are time-sensitive.

Does my EHE physician replace my primary care physician?

No. We complement and enhance your primary care, discussing how behavior impacts your health and prescribing adjustments for healthier living. The approach is unlike primary care. Of course, we will share records with your primary care physician and work with them to ensure you’re at your healthiest. You may also have a primary care physician who’s part of our EHE network.

Can EHE refer me to specialists?

Yes. If our physician identifies a health concern that requires examination by a specialist, we can coordinate a referral for you. EHE can also help you find a primary care physician if you do not have one.

Does EHE prescribe medication?

EHE physicians do not initiate prescriptions for medications that require follow-up or chronic management. We focus on prevention, and an EHE visit is not the same thing as going to a primary care physician.

Certain medications may be prescribed. These include antibiotics or antivirals as part of a travel medicine consultation, and common preventive health medications such as an epinephrine auto-injector or a refill for combined hormonal contraceptives. Our doctors are all board certified and can prescribe at their discretion in these cases.

What about follow-up visits?

While most patients are eligible for the full comprehensive health exam once per enrollment period, our physician-led expert medical team and health mentorship program are included in your EHE benefit and available as part of your year-round prevention program. You’ll even be able to come back to track your progress with health goals like weight loss or lowering your cholesterol.

Will I be billed for anything EHE does?

EHE never bills you beyond your insurance plan. Your deductible is not touched, and there are no additional or hidden fees.

Will EHE test for anything (such as STIs or drug use) without my consent?

No. Every screening is based on your approval. You can also decline any component of the exam you would prefer not to have.

Will my EHE health records be shared with my employer?

No. Your visit is entirely confidential. Absolutely none of your medical information is shared with anyone but you. You-and only you-have secure access to your records on the MyEHE patient portal.