Webinar Series  

EHE Health CEO, David Levy, MD, and Seema Sarin, MD, Director of Lifestyle Medicine, chat with experts from epidemiology, health care law, and lifestyle medicine on the Coronavirus epidemic and ways to cope.

Opening Safely for Patients

See a panel of EHE Health experts who have made it possible for our clinics to re-open discuss how we’re safely resuming clinical care and helping patients adapt to the “new normal.”

Epidemiology meets economics

EHE Health’s CEO, Dr. David Levy, and a panel of experts in epidemiology and law, discuss public health and evidence-based tactics to keep your employees safe as we plan for the new normal, post the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Levy, MD, and Jeffrey Shaman, PHD

EHE Health CEO, David Levy, MD, and Jeffrey Shaman, PHD, epidemiologist at Columbia University, discuss scientific and mathematical models for tracking the spread of COVID-19, and what to consider before restarting the U.S. economy.

Helping plan for a safe return

EHE Health CEO, David Levy, MD, and a panel of health care experts from the legal and epidemiology fields, discuss how employers can restart their worksites and keep them running in a thoughtful, evidenced-based manner.


Seema Sarin, MD, EHE Health Director of Lifestyle Medicine, and a panel of EHE Health Mentors hold a live discussion and Q&A on how to maintain good mental health during challenging times.

Facts and looking forward

EHE Health CEO, David Levy, MD, discusses the facts around COVID-19 and what we know today. He is joined by guest speakers Gail Rosselot, NP, MS, MPH, and Seema Sarin, MD,  Director of Lifestyle Medicine at EHE Health.

coronavirus: what you need to know

EHE Health brought together a panel of experts to share perspective on the unfolding of the Coronavirus epidemic, its impact on public health in the U.S. and globally, and what you need to know to provide guidance to your employees and their families.